Patch on Road

I admit, I love the Internet, and those sites where you can't stop reading the post that are published. Internet is a great book where you find everything and more! But I've always wondered who is behind the screen, in fact , the first thing I do in these pages that I follow is look the part where each person, explain their stories of how they came to the internet world and somehow I feel more near these people. So, I , won't be less ...

Who 's behind “Patch on Road”? My name is Araceli, I was born in Barcelona but for some reason, fate has led me to live in Girona, a city of which one never tires by the amount of things you need and also a familiar city.

In my life, I can say I have two great passions: Animals and sewing, because both of them give me great happiness. The passion for animals, it was born since I was little following the first cat that we had at home, which I learned a lot and learned what is to love without limits, to animals. My passion for sewing was born a tad later, but as the Spanish saying ... "Better late than never," I still remember the feeling I had when I made my first project was a coin holder felt made with sewing machine. I have to confess that It was a mess, but I was so happy and so proud, I realized that this project would be the first of many. When you do something with your own hands is priceless. Today I've improved a lot with the seam, and I still learning because it's never enough. The seam has become a therapy for me and if one day I can't sew, I don't feel as good.

When I go to a shop for material for my new project, I go crazy!!! looking fabrics, colors, sewing accessories, handmade things , like bags, toiletry etc. I think right now you 're saying to yourself "quiet, you're not the only one! “, and that somehow we all passed. When you have a passion for something it shows!

One day sewing at home, I asked myself, if you like the seam world, why don't you do it, not just a hobby, but also a way of life? So here, at this point in my life, was born "Patch on Road", a project that today, I'm very proud to say that, based on hard work, effort and dedication has come true and I hope for many, many years can continue :)